Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Collaborations

Last week marked the beginning of a new collaboration. 'New Paths' is a jail alternative program that builds skills and gives helping hands to charity and nonprofit organizations that need them. I won't dwell on the waste of resources and people that is the typical jailing system now, but can attest to New Paths remarkable success.

Over three days we targeted three houses. With permissions from the Land Bank, salvageable materials are stripped: hard wood flooring, molding, solid wood doors, siding, windows, scraps of drywall, electrical supplies, sinks, fencing; A house comes down surprisingly quickly with eight large 220-pound men doing most of the work.

Garage Door

Basement-turned-personal 'ReStore'

Molding + trim

At Spencer's, work continues at its usual pace: one step-forward, six steps back. Deciding to spend the day reframing the rear wall leads instead to tearing out another large part of the floor, as the material below the is mush.

A part of the floor which sags especially heavily we find was a large trap door into the basement - likely where caskets were brought into the basement.

Meanwhile, failed or water damaged plaster and lath is removed throughout the house, and the mass materials that fill the rooms are reorganized to make way for an upcoming community meeting and workshop.

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