Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The cutting continues:

The two main spaces on the first floor are now more directly connected via the opening at the stair landing. This solves some awkward circulation problems resulting from the house's original existence as a duplex.


The spaces between studs, unfortunately, create draft. In the event of a fire, this would enable the fire to spread throughout the structure in minutes. Because the wall isn't load bearing, it doesn't have to be fireproofed, but the spaces between studs will need to be blocked off with wood or other material to prevent that drafting.

A design studio from the University of Michigan: Ann Arbor architecture program has been tasked to do a lighting installation within Spencer's. LEDs will be embedded within the cavity to creating a glowing effect which pulsates according to occupancy. Several tours and surveying days with the students have been a good excuse to ignore other duties and handle this.